Thank You

As 2023 winds down and 2024 approaches, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for such a tremendous year. It is both a pleasure and an honour to be entrusted with your health, a responsibility that Dr. Anita and I deeply value. Being excited to come into work everyday is something we cherish and we owe it to you, our patients. 

I wanted to cover some common discussions I have with patients around this time of year. Do not forget to make some time for yourself amid the year end rush.

Before Year End

Though the holidays are intended to be time to wind down and celebrate another year past, it can be a busy and stressful time of year. Why let pain add any strain to your holiday season? In a previous blog post, I wrote about how physical pain can take a toll on your mental and emotional health.

If your health benefits are set to expire at the end of the calendar year, be sure to make the most of them and give yourself a pain-free holiday season. With the ability to directly bill your insurer, we can eliminate your out-of-pocket cost (or at least minimize it) during a time of year that can be a financial burden. 

Did you know most insurance companies limit items like orthotics to a certain amount of pair per calendar year? If you wait until January to submit your orthotics claim, you are missing out on a pair that you can submit this year. Our orthotic coverage checklist will walk you through the process of determining your coverage with your insurer before you pay, eliminating the stress of whether or not you will be reimbursed.

Those Dreaded Three Words: New Years Resolution

With a matter of weeks remaining in 2023, it is important to recognize the opportunity that the month of December grants us: being able to establish good habits before our annual resolutions. When thinking of a resolution, try to think of one you can begin in December. This allows us to make it a habit, not just something we promise ourselves on January 1st with hopes our daily habits will magically change as the result of a proclamation. 

I often find when discussing resolutions with my patients — or even reflecting on my own failed resolutions — the common fault is lofty goal setting, but there is a way around this. The simplest solution is to set reasonable, measurable, achievable goals. Consider the following resolutions: “I want to get in the best shape ever in 2024” versus “I will walk no less than 3 km no less than twice per week, and increase my distance by 100m every 2 weeks”. Which seems more attainable? One is a goal with no measurable quality other than your own subjective opinion, while the other allows you to track your resolution and make small, measurable improvements to it. “No less than” is an important way to set up your goals, as this phrasing allows us to set expectations while encouraging us to exceed them.

Again, Thank You

If you would like to talk goal-setting or you are unsure of how you should measure your goals, book an appointment with us and we are more than happy to help you plan a resolution that will become part of your life, rather than a short term routine. 

Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not spent in pain. Our year end schedule fills up quick, so be sure to book your appointment online or by reaching out via call or text. We will do everything we can to ensure we can see everyone before the holidays. 

Thank you all again for an incredible 2023, I am looking forward to what 2024 brings for us all.