Discover personalized comfort and support with orthotics prescribed by Dr. Anita and Dr. Brett. Our custom-made inserts are designed to address foot issues and improve biomechanical alignment, helping you move with ease and comfort. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards improved foot health.

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Effective in Relieving


Arthritis Pain


Low Back Pain


Plantar Fasciitis


Flat Feet


Foot, Ankle & Knee Pain


And Much More!


What others have to say.
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Custom Moulded Orthotics, 50 year old female

I saw Dr. Brett who fit me for a pair of orthotics to help with my foot and back pain. He was not pushy in any way and only prescribed them after trying to treat the pain with chiropractic care. His assessment was great and I got the orthotics in about 2 weeks, which was great. He sent me all the paperwork I needed for my insurance that same day so I could be reimbursed quickly. They feel great, I highly recommend Young Chiropractic if you need orthotics.