Shockwave Therapy

Experience the rejuvenating effects of shockwave therapy with Dr. Brett. Our sessions utilize cutting-edge technology to target pain and promote tissue healing, helping you regain mobility and vitality. Book your appointment today to start your journey towards a pain-free life.

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Effective in Treating


Plantar Fasciitis


Chronic Rotator Cuff Strains




Frozen Shoulder




And much more!


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Achilles and Foot Pain, 42 year old male

I have suffered from Achilles tendinopathy with some calcifications and plantar fasciitis for years. I started seeing Dr. Brett for chiropractic and he recommended we try shockwave on my achilles and foot. After only 2 sessions I was nearly pain free. We continued with care to make sure we got me back to 100% before stopping and now just do it as needed. Dr. Brett was great throughout treatment and made me feel like he would not make me do any more appointments than necessary. Very happy to be walking and running pain free again!

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Shoulder pain, 55 year old female

I recently came to Young Chiropractic for chronic shoulder issues. He used shockwave therapy and I had very positive results after just a few treatments. I found Dr. Brett to be very professional, knowledgeable, kind, a good listener. He was also very good at knowing when to stop the treatments and not continue them for the sake of having patients. I would definitely go back to his clinic when needed and would recommend his chiropractic and shockwave services to friends and family.